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Milton Keynes' concrete cows



Milton Keynes' concrete cows - a poem


Milton Keynes is a new city close to the small town of Olney, England, where we live.  Within the city limits, by one of the intersections, is a popular sculpture of some concrete cows.  Milton Keynes being a new and rapidly-expanding city, it has a reputation of becoming a concrete jungle.  I'm guessing that the local council dreamed up the concept of the sculpture to remind visitors of MK's rural roots - but then chose the wrong material for the cows.   

Be that as it may, I was inspired by the sculpture to write this (now dated) light-hearted poem called The Age Of The Nuclear Family.  When I first became professional as a musician I used to weave poetry into my set.  My publicity at that time read: 'Dan Evans - guitar song poetry - that little bit different'.     


 Milton Keynes' concrete cows


The Age Of The Nuclear Family

now Fred and Sue live in a concrete house near Milton Keynes
where the concrete cows dream concrete dreams
they drive down concrete roads to concrete shops
and buy frozen food like concrete blocks
but the local pub has old oak beams
and the kids like to play on the fruit machines
while Madonna sings on the video screen
in the age of the nuclear family 


well he's got a turbo car and there's a turbo mower
she's got a turbo fridge and there's a turbo dryer
there's Sony, Zanussi, Sansui and Saisho
and the kids watch an old war film on the JVC video
but now Fred's struggling with the spreadsheets on the Amstrad PC
he's juggling with figures he can't get to agree
the bills are so high - they're using so much energy
living in the age of the nuclear family 

well nuclear power's alright by Fred
he likes the remote control that works on infra red
the electric tooth-brush and the ultra-violet sun-bed
has made his body brown but they've made him weak in the head
'cos he doesn't know where the waste goes - 'never even heard of Elstow
and nuclear-free and CND are issues with which he could hardly agree
but don't blame Fred, he's just one of many
living in the age of the nuclear family

Copyright © Dan Evans1993



 concrete cow dreaming concrete dreams


bespoke artwork courtesy of Katie Warwick

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