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a memory of Durham


a memory of Durham - a poem


 Prebends Bridge, Durham


I was privileged to study at the prestigious University Of Durham for three years back in the 1970's.  Durham is lovely medieval city with the old parts built on a peninsular.  To access them you have to cross one of several bridges.  Prebends bridge was and still is a  favourite of mine and was the inspiration for this poem ...      


A Memory Of Durham

Stone arches reflected in green water
Steeped in history, shrouded in mystery
A monument to man's past struggle with nature
Beneath, rowers like an insect float
Eight strong men in a flimsy fibreglass boat
Eight strong men and a cox: straining, sweating, triumphant
Our worlds overlapped but they were very different


A fountain, a lake, some ducks
Could all be seen through shelves of library books
A fire at midnight, a clearing in the woods
And music and dancing and music and laughter and music and love
Over the hustle and bustle of my busy student life
A strange peace fell, like snow in winter
It was 1977 and all was well


Suddenly, time played me a trick
Three years slipped by in the wink of an eye
Three long years of beauty and mystery
Was this magic or just a lie ?
But I will always remember
The stone arches reflected in green water


Copyright Dan Evans ~ 1993


view from Prebends Bridge, Durham


cathedral cloisters, Durham

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