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Autumn Dance CD (2002)

Autumn Dance CD (2002)

- dulcimer, acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, vocals
Sylvia Seaton - violin
Ruth Cohen Rose - vocals
Martin Vishnick - classical guitar
Andy Crowdy - bass
John Ward & Mary Evans - percussion

Track List:

Lord Franklin / The Shoals Of Herring & Lowlands / The Ellen Vannin Tragedy / In the Bleak Midwinter & Spring’s Promise / Sovay Sovay / She Moves Through The Fair / I Wish, I Wish / The Trees They Do Grow High / The Water Is Wide / Waves / The Water Is Wide (reprise) / Black Waterside / Spring Season / The Price Of Love / Cruel Sister & The Autumn Dance / Let It Be / As The Sun Goes Down

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"This album features once again Dan’s amazing talents on electro-acoustic and acoustic guitars and mountain (or Appalachian) dulcimer. Dan's mastery of his instruments and the electronic effects he creates through sampling, coupled with his sensitive and modal accompaniments create a unique and distinctive melodic sound throughout this album. Recording quality is first class as one would expect and the album as a whole is superbly and professionally packaged"
Unicorn magazine, UK

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