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team building and community development though learning to sing


Doubtless many choirs and singing groups bring people together and help to form friendships and communities. Singing is enjoyable, good for you and sociable in all sorts of ways. My Everyone Can Sing voice workshop however goes further than this – as well as the sociable aspects of singing, my workshop actively builds teams and communities. Confidence is key in singing and my coaching process was designed to develop confidence. A by-product of this process is highly effective team building and community development.


Confidence is key in singing – whether it’s singing powerfully, hitting high notes or presenting moving songs – it’s important to feel confident in order to sing well. My Everyone Can Sing voice workshop deploys my ‘engine’, which develops confidence through the reinforcement of existing (and developing) strengths. Participants grow in confidence by receiving positive feedback from myself as the tutor but also, importantly, from the other participants.


In giving positive feedback, participants show each other respect, differences are celebrated and competitiveness vanishes – everyone encourages everyone else to succeed. This creates a motivating and exciting ambience, in which I can gently challenge limiting beliefs and help participants to achieve their full potential at that time. Participants frequently progress more than they would have thought possible and are often moved by the experience, which is memorable for them. Participants not only feel more confident but they also they also develop a more optimistic and positive outlook.


In showing respect, celebrating differences, removing competitiveness and working in a positive, motivating and exciting ambience, barriers come down, friendships are formed, teams are built and communities develop.


This chart illustrates how my ‘engine’ works …  


Dan's Engine chart

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