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concert in French Chateau


Chateau de Segrais


On the 3rd November 2012, I gave a concert at the Chateau de Segrais in the Sarthe region of France, near Le Mans. As you can see the chateau is a magnificent building with turrets and out-houses.  With giant blue carp in the moat, green woodpecker in the grounds and rusty autumn leaves falling, the place is a beautiful as it is majestic.


chateau de Segrais out buildings

This is the location of the France Kadampa centre for Meditation and the people there were a mixture of Buddhist teachers and initiates, workers and volunteers, as well as visitors on retreat or attending courses. 


Chateau de Segrais seat

Due to limited flights into nearby Tours airport, the centre kindly extended their hospitality to me for a  few days before and after the concert.  I enjoyed healthy organic vegetarian food,  warm welcoming company and a calm ambience.


Chateau de Segrais moat house   

My concert followed a delicatessen supper.  I just about managed to introduce the pieces in French, along with a spoonful of English humour.  On the night things ran a little late and for the second time, I played in a remote castle at midnight - the other occasion was in Ireland


Chateau de Segrais moat

During my stay, I found time to play music, brush up my Franglais, make friends and  learn a little about Buddhism.  It was  lovely experience, one I would not have missed. 


Chateau de Segrais courtyard


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Chateau de Segrais kitchen window


Chateau de Segrais autumn leaves


Chateau de Segrais red leaves


le chat du chateau


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