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confidence for singers


confidence development is key when coaching singers


For over fifteen years my popular Everyone Can Sing voice workshop has been developing confidence in singers of all levels of ability. The process that I use develops confidence by the reinforcement of existing strengths. As singers, we tend to ‘catastrophise’, thinking that the slightest mistake has totally ruined a song. In practice, probably no-one noticed or minded.


By receiving positive feedback from the group on what we did well, we realise that the song isn’t ruined and that we are bringing to it an array of personal strengths and qualities. Receiving this positive feedback is key to enabling us to lose our inhibitions and sing beautifully. I believe that everyone can sing beautifully and that’s what is normally achieved on my class.


We also work in a criticism-free atmosphere – only positive feedback is allowed. This creates a safe environment where participants can ‘spread their wings’ and achieve their potential.

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