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electro-acoustic guitar

electro-acoustic guitar
Dan presents a rich and resonant electro-acoustic guitar sound. Using Open C tuning, two pickups, digital effects and sampling, he has developed a palette of electro-acoustic affects to produce a Celtic-rock guitar sound full of imagination and atmosphere.

Dan’s most complex electro-acoustic guitar sounds involve electronic drones, long delays or sound loops to build layers of sound, each with different effect treatments. Layers of sound with different textures is the hallmark of Dan’s unique electro-acoustic sound. All of Dan’s electro-acoustic guitar pieces can be performed live on one guitar.


‘‘Dan Evans is a bit of an enigma. At first he comes across all pastoral and acoustic and then turns that on its head with electro-acoustic effects that wouldn’t seem out of place at a Hawkwind gig. He is also a classy acoustic guitarist in the Renbourn mould and has a voice not dissimilar to Martin Carthy. He displays an admirable willingness to take risks and showcases a sound rich in style and experimentation"
Rock ‘N’ Reel magazine, Scotland

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