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I am a full member of the ISM - the Incorporated Society of Musicians.  The ISM is the UK's professional association for musicians and music teachers - it champions the importance of music and protects the rights of those working within music.  Highly professional and academic, its members are typically classically trained musicians and membership, when I joined, was only granted through references.  I am also a member of the ISM's Specialist Section: Performers & Composers. 


PRS & MCPS = PRS for Music
The Performing Rights Society (PRS) and the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) collect revenue and pay music composers for their works when performed & broadcast (PRS) or recorded (MCPS).  As a long-standing composer, I am an associate level member of the PRS and I have membership of the MCPS for my record company DanSing Music.  The PRS and MCP merged in 1997 to form the PRS Alliance, which has been re-branded in 2009 to become PRS For Music.


The Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) collects revenue and pays record companies for the record company component of music broadcasting.  I have membership of PPL for my record company DanSing Music.



I am also a member of the Federation Of Small Businesses (FSB). The FSB is non-profit making and non-party political and aims to the UK's largest and most effective organisation promoting and protecting the interests of the self employed and small business owners.

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