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Au Viex Moulin (by the old water mill) - a new CD album in the making


this short film is of the title track - best watched from YouTube in theatre mode @ 720pixels 



old French water mill

title, background and photographs
My wife Mary & I were staying at a lovely old water mill in central France last September.  We had gone to visit Le Brenne nature reserve to see wildlife.  Unfortunately, much of the reserve was inaccessible but  we ended up seeing plenty of wildlife at our accommodation, including a big tree frog that sang at night in the bush next to our front door. 

By the mill stream I composed some new dulcimer music: Le Ruisseau Du Moulin (the mill stream), which gave us the idea for the title of the new CD.  Mary then helped me to take many photographs of the mill, to give the cover designer, Rob Blayney (who did a very nice job on my Let It Be Me album cover) plenty of choice for the sleeve layout.  For the first time one of my CDs will feature my own images.

As a child I lived in northern France for several years, where I developed an interest in folk songs.  To some extent this project pays homage to that time.


Dan's dulcimer (& hat) by the old mill

musicians & studios
Much of the music will be recorded at the superb World Of Sound Studio in Wellingborough, owned by the Salvation Army Trading Company.  Russ Dawson Butterworth is the excellent  engineer who is recording  and producing  the album, as he has done brilliantly on my last 2 CD recordings.   

I hope to involve old friend and talented international musician Andy Crowdy on bass & guitar as well as feature the clear and pretty vocals of new singer Rebecca Haworth.  Assuming my tour of Tennessee and Kentucky goes to plan in the summer, then I'll be recording a few dulcimer duets with Stephen Seifert (the world's finest dulcimer player) in a studio in Nashville.  These will be included on the project too, giving us an estimated finish time around autumn 2014.


Dan playing dulcimer by the old mill

music  content
Three new French pieces will hopefully justify the title language: Le Ruisseau Du Moulin (the mill stream) - a minimalist dulcimer instrumental / Doucement S'en Va Le Jour (gently the day slips away) - a lullaby sung in French, which mentions a singing tree frog / D'accord - an original and new dulcimer instrumental


The Bullet Train is another minimalist dulcimer instrumental and there will be English folk songs, new arrangements of classic songs and some exciting original electro-acoustic guitar instrumental music.  Like my Spirit Dancing and Autumn Dance CDs, this album promised to be interesting and varied.


more images ...

mill sluice




mill cottage

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