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performance skills workshop

performance skills workshop
Designed to help participants to conquer stage fright and put charisma into their performance, this workshop is for performers of all levels of ability, from those with severe stage-fright to seasoned professionals.

All styles of performers benefit, learning how to present their own material with greater confidence and credibility though guided exercises and individual coaching. In a supportive atmosphere, students focus on their material and the interaction with their audience.

Dan has carefully researched and developed this process, which has been used to successfully coach a very wide variety of performers, including a pop singer, who promptly rose to number one in the UK charts.


"Dan has provided a number of excellent courses here and I have been delighted by the quality and effectiveness of each of them. He is very professional in his approach in terms of having clear aims and objectives, thorough in preparation, very skilled delivery and ensuring student feedback at the end of the course or session. He has excellent communication and ‘people’ skills and a warm, sensitive approach to individuals."
Leighton Buzzard Theatre, UK

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