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quality principles for training workshops


some quality principles of my music training workshops


these apply to most of my music training modules, especially my Everyone Can Sing voice workshop


I have three general principles for my workshops: they should be inclusive, participative and fun


inclusive - all are welcome: genuinely all levels, any style and (insofar as is possible) people with disabilities


participative - we learn by doing


fun – humour diffuses tension and helps with concentration and retention 


specific quality principles:

  • I know my boundaries of ability and I work within them
  • I treat each student with equal respect – however, some students need more attention than others 
  • I am never critical of students  
  • I lead the class to serve the group – a little discipline is used but only to facilitate learning
  • I do not push my music or products – nor do I impose my musical preferences or style
  • there is no ‘correct’ music – students are encouraged to develop their own style 
  • wherever possible, I recommend best-practice techniques

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