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respect for BBC presenters


huge respect for local BBC radio presenters


Over the many years that I've been working as a musician, I've many times had the pleasure of giving radio interviews for the BBC.

In my early days local BBC radio stations had several staff, each with different roles, in the studio to assist with broadcasts.  There were often as many as 5 or 6 BBC staff in the studio at a time.


Some would assist the guests like myself, guiding me though their security and helping me to settle into (what used to be) an unfamiliar environment.  Some would assist with technical matters like recordings, jingles tapes and links to OBs (outside broadcasts).  These helping hands took the pressure off the main programme presenter, allowing them to interview the guests and present the show to the listeners.


These days there is normally just one person, the presenter, who somehow has to manage all of these tasks as well as presenting.  As if that wasn't difficult enough, they have to talk intelligently with a wide variety of guests, who are all specialists in their chosen field.  It's a tough job and they do it with enthusiasm and good grace.  I'm full of respect for them.


Here is Tammy Gooding, who interviewed me today on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, as well as managing all the technical aspects at the same time. 


Tammy Gooding BBC Radio Herford & Worcester presenter

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