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Spirit Dancing CD (1997)

Spirit Dancing CD (1997)

- dulcimer, acoustic guitar, vocals
Roger Nicholson - dulcimer
Elaine Samuels - vocals
Natasha Briant - cello
Martin Vishnick - classical guitar
Andy Crowdy
- bass
John Ward & Mary Evans - percussion

Track List:

I Wandered By A Brookside / The Seed Is Sown / It Doesn’t Matter Anymore / Me & You / The Journey / Unicorns / Snow / The Rolling Of The Stone / The Spider’s Dance / To Althea From Prison / Monck’s March & The British Grenadiers / Haste To The Wedding / Forever / Red, Red Rose / The Wild Mountain Thyme

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"Unquestionably, Dan Evans is one of the country's most accomplished performers on both guitar and dulcimer. He also has a fine voice and is a skilled songwriter and arranger. Well thought out, highly polished and attractively packaged, this CD deserves a wide audience."
Folk In Kent magazine

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