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where to buy CDs and download tracks


where to buy Dan Evans recordings - CDs and tracks online  


you can buy my CDs directly from me

all CDs albums are £10 each in UK plus £1 each for P&P
for all other countries they are (US) $15 each plus (US) $4 each for P&P 

(I am subsidising the overseas postage)

simply e-mail me which one(s) you want along with your address and I’ll send you the CDs and details of how to pay 


all albums are also available online using credit card or Paypal from the Divine Art Recordings Group, who have outlets both in the UK and in the USA 

you can also download Dan's recordings from iTunes, Amazon, Tesco, tutti, Naxos & Classics Online   


beware of pirates
only buy my products from the approved dealers mentioned on this web page – ‘pirate’ copies are illegal, of poor quality, they may be faulty and piracy does me out of a living - I cannot warnatee pirate copies of my CDs


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